Banff & Lake Louise

Banff National Park, Canada’s first, in 1885, and third in the world – has been fascinating and captivating people from the moment the Canadian Pacific Railway began transporting them by ocean liner and luxury coach to these magnetic mountains. Insightful pioneers built grand luxury hotels and spas to tempt the travelers. This tradition holds true today. A stroll down the streets and lanes of Banff reveals heart-grabbing views of mountains at each corner. A vast eye-snapping, knock-your-boots-off wilderness, the Canadian Rockies stretch as far as the eye can see. The bold views can be both humbling and life-affirming.

The turquoise waters of Lake Louise have been photographed so often now, the lake has become something of a cliché for mountain serenity. And yet, nothing quite prepares the visitor for the unearthly beauty of this alpine gem. The town of Lake Louise is small but well-appointed with restaurants, accommodation and a variety of shops.